MyStudyApps for Dyslexia, FREE download

my study apps for dyslexia

MyStudyApps are completely free to download and use. The idea is to provide free inclusive support for anyone who needs it.

MyStudyApps help overcome problems that people experience with learning, reading and writing and Dyslexia. They also support people with visual difficulties and language translation.

MyStudyApps consist of a set of portable software programmes that provide learning support at the computer desktop.

Although MyStudyApps are designed to support learners with literacy related difficulties, they can offer potential benefits to all learners.

Please note MyStudyApps are designed to run on Windows-based computers from a USB flashdrive. An Internet connection is required for language translation.

You will need a Dropbox account to download MyStudyApps.

Download the files to your computer and extract them to a USB flashdrive using a programme such as Winzip. The download will take about 15 minutes and is 112.30MB.

An instruction manual is provided in the documents folder of your USB flash drive.